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What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a female health condition that causes uterine tissue to grow outside the uterus. This can cause an immense amount of pain and health issues, impacting the quality of life for many women. Endometriosis develops when the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus starts to grow in other areas, like the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The tissue then becomes trapped with no way to leave the body, resulting in abnormal accumulation. This can cause pelvic pain, bleeding between periods, menstrual irregularities, and pain during sex. At Raw Rejuvenation and Wellness, we offer endometriosis treatment with the FemiLift Pixel CO2 laser system by Alma to help manage endometriosis and ease painful symptoms. To find out more, contact our office in Millcreek, UT to speak with one of our providers, Dr. Vanessa M. Hart, Heather Darling, FNP-IFMCP, or Alisa Wright, RN. 

endometriosis treatment faqs

Can laser treatment get rid of endometriosis?
No. But, laser therapy can help improve your condition to boost your overall quality of life. During your initial consultation at Raw Rejuvenation and Wellness, our team can discuss your condition and determine if this therapy is right for you. 

Can laser endometriosis treatment affect my ability to get pregnant?
FemiLift treatment is a good way to minimize problems associated with endometriosis and can help increase your odds of becoming pregnant. Each patient is different, and it's best to discuss fertility issues with your primary care physician.

What are the benefits of laser endometriosis treatment?
When compared to standard surgical procedures, laser endometriosis treatment is less invasive, has a shorter recovery period, and fewer risks.

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