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There are many cosmetic options that can help restore the contours and volume of your face, but facial fat grafting is growing in popularity because of its natural outcomes and long-lasting benefits. With age, the areas around the eyes, jowls, and cheeks begin to lose youthful volume. A fat transfer to the face with advanced BeautiFill™ technology can help restore fullness without the invasiveness and risks of traditional methods. A facial fat transfer is designed to remove excess fat from one area of the body and artfully apply it to sections of your face for beautiful outcomes. To discover more, contact Raw Rejuvenation and Wellness in Millcreek, UT. Our providers, Heather Darling, FNP-IFMCP, Alisa Wright, RN, and Dr. Vanessa M. Hart, can discuss your personal goals and decide whether a facial fat transfer is best for you. 

Facial fat transfer faqs

Should I get a dermal filler or fat transfer?
Either a facial fat graft or a dermal filler may improve the appearance of fine lines and static wrinkles, as well as restoring volume. While fillers can give you wonderful results, a fat transfer usually lasts longer and looks more natural. During your initial consultation at Raw Rejuvenation and Wellness, our team can discuss all your options and provide a recommendation on which therapy may be ideal for you. 

How long does facial fat grafting take?
On average, facial fat grafting takes about 1 – 2 hours. First, the fat needs to be extracted from an area on the body that has excess fat. Then, the purified fat needs to be transferred to the face. Our Millcreek, UT experts take great pride in their work and will take their time to carefully inject fat evenly to achieve beautiful results. 

Which areas of the face can be improved with fat grafting?
Fat grafting is ideal for enhancing the mid-face or cheeks so that the areas look lifted and fuller without having to undergo surgery. And, it may be used to add volume to your upper and/or lower lips. You may even consider a fat graft to improve the sunken or hollow areas under your eyes. A facial fat transfer can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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