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At Raw Rejuvenation and Wellness, we specialize in medical aesthetic services that highlight your natural beauty and boost your overall wellness. We apply groundbreaking Alma technology, such as BeautiFill™, FemiLift Pixel, and Harmony XL PRO, to achieve stunning outcomes. Call our office in Millcreek, UT, or explore our expansive list of nonsurgical treatments below to learn more. 

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Laser-assisted liposuction and fat transfer uses prime technology to extract, purify, and transfer fat to different areas of the face and body.

Body sculpting with BeautiFill is a minimally invasive procedure that removes excess fat from large areas and transfers it to others lacking fullness.

A facial fat transfer is an aesthetic treatment that uses first-class technology and specialized techniques to enhance delicate areas needing volume.

Fat reduction in Millcreek, UT uses revolutionary technology to take out fat cells from targeted areas on the body to achieve a slimmer silhouette.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a nonsurgical procedure that uses precision technology and a 360-degree delivery system to tighten loose tissue.

Laser endometriosis treatment is performed to help improve the symptoms associated with endometriosis, such as pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding.

Laser urinary incontinence treatment is a nonsurgical solution that is designed to help boost bladder control in Millcreek, UT men and women.

Facial resurfacing is a therapy that uses first-rate laser technology to encourage natural tissue regeneration to achieve a healthier complexion.

Skin lesion removal is an aesthetic treatment that uses revolutionary laser technology to precisely remove unwanted lesions and small skin tags.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is an aesthetic skin treatment that uses advanced technology to treat sun damage, brown spots, and wrinkles.

Laser hyperpigmentation treatment is a common therapy that uses state-of-the-art technology to target discoloration within the epidermis of the skin.

Laser melasma treatment is a nonsurgical procedure that uses innovative tools and systems to reduce dark patches and abnormal pigmentation issues.

Laser skin resurfacing is a treatment that uses modern technology to improve the texture and appearance of the skin, providing youthful results.

Laser acne treatment is a popular therapy that uses light-based energy to target bacteria, remove oil buildup, and cleanse the pores to reduce acne.

Laser tattoo removal uses pulsating beams of light to accurately target different ink colors within the skin to achieve a clearer complexion.

Laser hair removal utilizes controlled energy to safely remove hair follicles from different areas of the body, such as the arms, legs, and face.

Laser scar treatment is a nonsurgical procedure that uses focused light energy to gently remove damaged skin cells, reducing the appearance of scars.

Laser skin tightening uses leading technology to prompt new collagen growth and the skin's natural rejuvenation process to achieve tighter contours.

Laser cellulite reduction uses premier laser technology to help significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite dimples on the body.

Laser vein removal utilizes cutting-edge, light-based energy to target unsightly spider veins on the face and body to achieve an attractive aesthetic.

Male shockwave therapy is an effective nonsurgical option for helping to stimulate blood flow to the penis for improved intimate health and wellness.

Female shockwave therapy utilizes leading-edge technology to help enhance sexual sensations by promoting blood flow to the pelvic area.

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